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Kelli and I found out this week that we’re having a girl and we’re both very excited about it.  In the past I’ve posted stills of the sonogram but this time they offered to record the monumentous occasion of determining which color to paint the nursery.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NOTE: The recorder started about 8-10 seconds before the sonogram did so be patient!

What’s cool about this to me is that even at such a relatively young age we can already see two halves of her brain, forearm bones, a fist and several very distinctive features.

Stay tuned for more!


We’ve been posting all the sonograms of Baby Trent in a Flickr set here but we just uploaded three new ones we took this past week that show the developing bone structure of the little guy girl person:

It's a Baby!

Hi Five

Special Note: we’ll learn what color to paint the nursery in a few weeks.

During a trip to Boston earlier this year (Flickr set here) I took lots of pictures to a town I had never been to before.  The picture above was of a marker on the infamous Freedom Trail that we walked.  This trail links various famous Boston sites throughout the city together and makes it easy for tourists patriots to find there way about.
After the trip I naturally uploaded all the pictures to my Flickr set to share with friends & family.  A few weeks back I got a note from Schamp.com that one of my photos from that trip had been selected to be included in their online city guide of Boston.  I don’t get any royalties or much notarity but I do get my name under the picture: http://www.schmap.com/boston/tours_tour3/#r=none&mapview=Map&tab=Text&p=36699&topleft=42.44917,-71.11605&bottomright=42.26575,-71.01957&i=36699_18.jpg.
My career as a photographer begins….

What Oil Crisis?, originally uploaded by Sooner Trent.

I took this at the State Fair of Texas on Saturday – it was attached so some massive new Ford Truck Detroit is about to roll out. It’s so damn big that the EPA doesn’t even offer a number for it! My guess is because they can’t print negative numbers on these sheets….


Last night I saw a special on BBC American called “The Human Camera” (http://www.bbcamerica.com/content/333/index.jsp) which detailed the life of Steven Wiltshire, an autistic man from London that can draw anything he sees strictly from memory.  For example, in 2007 Steven was commissioned to draw the interior of St. Pancras train station (the home of the Eurostar train in London) when the station was opened.  This drawing took him only 2 hours to comlete:


St. Pancras Train Station by Steven Wiltshire

St. Pancras Train Station by Steven Wiltshire


What’s even more amazing than his obvious ability is how he has overcome many of the issues that individuals with Autism typically face: communicating with the outside world, self-sufficience, change.  The special indicated that Steven is only one of 100 savants in the entire world (think of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman) and also is by far one of the most detailed and accomplished artists in the UK and probably the world.

I invite you to try to catch the BBC special or – if you don’t have that channel – then take a look at some of the stuff on YouTube about Steven( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVqRT_kCOLI  & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAfaM_CBvP8 .


November 14th can’t get here soon enough: Quantum Of Solace Trialer 2


Coming Nov. 14 2008

Coming Nov. 14 2008


sono_3, originally uploaded by Sooner Trent.

Kelli and I have known for about a month now but I wanted to wait until the first sonogram to start telling people besides our family but as of today she’s officially pregnant.

From the photo above you can just make out the head, an arm and the legs. Still too early to tell the sex yet but I’m pulling for a boy – Kelli and everyone else seems to be on the girl bandwagon. Just more disappointment for them I guess…

Needless to say we’re both extremely excited and – if I’m being honest here – I am honestly a bit nervous at the same time. So far Kelli is doing great and the doctor said that everything looks about as good as it can at this point so we’re happy to hear that.

I’ll pass along more updates as things progress but for now keep mid-April circled on your calendars.


On August 21st, Bloc Party – a band that I’ve been a fan of for 3 albums now – released their newest album Intimacy in digital format only, and a full month before the physical CD is shipped to stores.

As of the writing of this post I’ve only listened to the album about 3 times so I can’t say this is the most through review, but I wanted to put up my initial thoughts.  It’s been my experience that Bloc Party albums are like The Big Lebowski – good at first pass, but get better and better with each listening.

My current fav songs are Ares & Mercury but there are other gems in there I’m sure.  I’ll update in a few weeks after I’ve put the album through it’s paces and have more to share.

As a side note, I actually got to meet Bloc Party before the last day of the Austin City Limits festival in the fall of 2007.  I happened to be in the lobby of the hotel they were staying at in downtown Austin and they walked through without anyone else paying them attention – an anonymity they aren’t afforded in the UK to be sure.  Lucky for me they were held up waiting for the shuttle to arrive and their U.S. representative was good enough to snap a picture of us while they waited.

Jason with members of Bloc Party - Austin City Limits, 2007

Jason with Kele Okereke & Gordon Moakes of Bloc Party - Austin City Limits, 2007

We didn’t really talk, but they were very cordial and didn’t seem to mind posing for a picture with a fan.


I was excited about this past weekend – I planned a trip back to Norman to see my folks and some friends and had just downloaded the new James Bond book – Devil May Care – onto my trusty 2nd Generation 8gb iPod Nano – I was alone for this drive for the first time in years and looking forward to filling the 5 hour round trip drive with the audiobook.

Just after I got the Passat I noticed that it had a AUX-in port and decided to go out and get something to hook up the myriad that of iPod variations that Kelli and I have so that we could listen to them in the car.  In the A4 I had before I had rigged a similar system with the aftermarket Kenwood stereo I put in the car and really enjoyed the luxury of listening to the iPod(s) in excellent quality (both the previous system and the current one use inputs straight to the headunit as opposed to broadcasting on FM frequencies or via a tape player).

I settled on the Griffin AutoPilot and have been very happy with it for the past couple of months.The AutoPilot not only charges any generation iPod but also allows you to control Play/Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward from the car-lighter input so that you can stash the player in the glove napkin compartment or the armrest (although changing of songs/artists still has to be done via the actual iPod).

I set out Friday after work and by the time I hit Norman around 7:30 I was about 1/2 way through the book.  After seeing some friends on Sunday for lunch I headed back and was on the last track as I pulled up into the drive way of the house.  After seeing Kelli and the dogs for a few hours I went out to get a bite to eat and noticed that my Nano didn’t start playing the current track when I hit the Play button on the AutoPilot.

I took the Nano out of the armrest and noticed the screen wasn’t lit up.

Then I noticed it wouldn’t turn on.

At all.

After getting back from dinner I tried to hook it into the docking station connected to the iMac. Nothing happened. Then I tried a second docking station (like I said, we have a lot of iPods). Again nothing. Finally I went back to the car to check the AutoPilot and using one of Kelli’s iPods I tested the unit – it worked like a champ.

Sometime between getting home and going out again – a period of about 1 hour – the Nano took it’s own life.  Or was it murdered? The AutoPilot comes with a fuse to supposedly protect itself against these types of things and since it played the other iPod I have to assume it didn’t fry the Nano.

On the other hand, the Nano had heard me talk about the new 3G iPhone, heard me tell the wife that once an iPhone came out with 3G speeds and Exchange support that I’d be all over it…or would be as soon as my T-Mobile contract expired (October and counting).  Is it possible that the Nano saw the writing on the wall and decided to take it’s own life instead of being cast out as a car-only iPod, never to be taken on trips or travel again?

Who can say what went through it’s small flash-based-memory mind on Sunday, July 27th at 4:30 PM when it turned off for the last time?  And what exactly am I to do now?  I still have a few months on my T-Mo contract but I can’t live without my Nano and I definitely don’t want to buy a new one (have you seen those things?). What am I supposed to listen to at the client?  What am I to take on flights with me? What am I to play in the car when Kelli and I can’t settle on a Sirius channel? What am I to do?

For the time being my original iPod (2nd Generation white original version 32gb iPod) will fill in for the car duty; it has a much larger HD then the Nano does did and since it can’t hold a charge more than a few hours will benefit from the constent stream of electice nurishment from the VW – if I can find it.

This still leaves me without a viable mobile music source (I used the Nano almost daily at either the client or the on the drive to the client) and just might move up the timeline to get the new 3G. The way I see it to replace the Nano would be $200 – the exact amount required to execute my current T-Mo contract….

Decisions, decisions…

UPDATE – 28 July 2008: Well after re-reading this Apple Support article and talking this over with my friend Craig I figured out that I was attempting to do the reset incorrectly and/or in the wrong order.  I went through a few variations and then plugged it back in and the little black Apple returned!  Apparently it’s suicide attempt took a lot out of the little guy as he was almost dead (no pun entended…well…maybe a little) and is currently sitting on the base station charging back up.

Thanks to CGorman and Apple for showing me the way.


With the writer’s strike of last spring delaying a lot of summer program, I’ve been watching less DVR’d TV and more new live shows that I haven’t seen before – one of these shows is AMC’s Mad Men.  It’s a show about an advertising firm in 1950’s New York and specifically one central character – Don Draper – who isn’t all that he appears.

If you’ve got an open slot on your TV viewing schedule then I highly recommend the show.

UPDATE: Mad Men was nominated for something stupid like 16 Emmy Nominations – can I pick ’em or what?!?